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Casa Buena
First concert of the year! Out w/ ch and j, neither of who were sure who Kasabian was, but both of who decided concerts are fun and came anyways!

The opening band was called Hacienda (Spanish for estate), which I think was these guys: (there appear to be multiple bands by this name). They were a guitarists, bassist, drummer with a small kit, and synthmaster. The synth sounded very synthy, and stood out pretty strongly across a bunch of songs. The bassist played rather fast.

Kasabian (British) went completely ridiculous with the lights. Colors scintilating everywhere, variously in time to the music or accent changes in tempo or just tracking around. They played a really long set, covering all the tracks I cared about on West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, though the timing felt off in Underdog. Two guitars, one bass, synth, vocalist, and drummer with a big fucking Zildjian gong... though I missed where it got used.


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