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d'Elf Wooten
Saw Victor Wooten at the Paradise w/ j & d.

Opening band was Club d'Elf. In this incarnation they were a violin, a kick-bass + cymbal + bongo + hand drum, a santir, and slide guitar. They were very jazzy and pretty excellent. d commented they kinda reminded of a slowed down and mellowed out acoustic NIN without lyrics.

Then, after an agonizingly long "set change", Wooten took the stage. This time around he was much less the center of attention (though still mind-bendingly ridiculous in his bass playing), now having a full++ band: FOUR bassists, two drummers, and a female vocalist. The drummers were situated on opposite sides of the stage and were facing each other, and played clever fills and timing games back and forth continuously. The four bassists were Wooten, of course, rocking his four-cum-three-string, and then two six-strings (one fretless), and another four-string. Fretful six-string also played trumpet and fretless six-string also played trombone a few times. Wooten played an electric cello for the opening number and then went through a number of different basses, including a few songs rocking out an upright. It was all very impressive and fluid with a number of excellent songs, but if you weren't watching it could also feel like jazzy background thing for long stretches. Still, it was a band of ridiculously talented musicians, so plenty of awesome ensued.


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