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Jack White Stripes
Went to see Jack White w/ d at BU.

Mr. White continues to impress and inspire. He was backed by an all-female band playing drums, contra bass, pedal steel guitar, violin, piano/keyboard, and a tambourine/rattle player who provided backing vocals for a few songs. Besides playing more-or-less all of Blunderbuss, they also played Dead Leaves And the Dirty Ground (The White Stripes), Hotel Yorba (TWS), Top Yourself (Raconteurs), Blue Blood Blues (The Dead Weather), We're Gonna Be Friends (TWS), Hardest Button to Button (TWS), Ball and Biscuit (TWS), and Seven Nation Army (TWS). Jack played the hell out a few guitars, pianos, and his vocals. That guy is crazy talented.

There was an opening band that was clearly meant to evoke The White Stripes, being a lanky guy and a cute, big breasted woman playing guitar and drums, though they did trade instruments, play duets, and otherwise show they weren't just a TWS knock-off. Some good songs. They didn't give their name though.


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