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Excellent evening out with w/ c & d to Paradise Rock Club.

We arrived late enough to miss the opening band, but arrived just in time to catch the opening song of AWOLNATION. As they're new enough to only have one album, I knew all the songs they played and they played most of the songs I'd hoped to hear (notably omitting Knights of Shame, which is understandable since it's a long song that spans a variety of styles). Was fun and energetic and excellent. d liked that they ended with a few measures of Rage Against the Machine's "Freedom".

However, top amazement for the evening certainly goes to Neon Trees. I'd bought the tickets to the show to see AWOLNATION, not knowing who Neon Trees were. Due to c's saying they were good I grabbed an album, but still, I knew little about them. Was blown away. The singer reminded me of a more subdued Jimmy Urine (of MSI) with his zany hair and unbridled energy, and there was a bassist and two guitarists, but what really caught my attention was the drummer. She was excellent, and sang in a few songs as well, and I more-or-less watched her for the whole show and thereby appreciate that Neon Trees has some awesome drumming. I really liked a number of songs, though was surprised to find I wasn't nearly as enamored by their wicked-popular song (which I hadn't heard before) as the rest of the set. Mid-concert I bought their album I didn't have; they'll certainly be getting more listening. Great night!


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